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Why join

Freemasonry is about sharing a common desire for charitable support and following a high moral code. It is a male-only society, focused on following the three core principles and improving oneself and others. Our society is open to men of any race, religion, political belief and status.

People join Freemasonry for many reasons.  They may know other Freemasons and decide that it seems a good idea to join them, they may want to do more by helping to support a range of masonic and non-masonic charities, they may just wish to get a better understanding of themself and those around them.

The core principles of Freemasonry are:

  • Building friendly relationships with others;
  • Charity; and
  • Honesty

We undertake activities in our meetings and at our Lodge’s of Instruction that develop and support these principles in an open and friendly manner.

There is more information on the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) website here and on the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London (MetGL) here.

In 2017 Sky TV also broadcast a series of programmes called ‘Inside Freemasonry’ which is available on DVD.  See here for more information and how to order the DVD.


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