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Early in 1958 a meeting was arranged between a few members of the King David Lodge No. 5719 to discuss a situation which was arising in that Lodge with the large number of keen members who were waiting to take office and so giving other brethren little opportunity of progressing.

It was therefore felt desirable to consider the formation of a daughter Lodge to alleviate that position and after other informal meetings during that year in which the necessary details were finalised an arrangement was made for W.Bro. Arthur Diamond L.G.R., W.Bro. Israel Lewis and Bro. Arthur Hyman to make an application to the M.W. The Grand Master for the inauguration of the Star of David Lodge which was the name agreed.

The Founders having been selected and authority for sponsorship obtained from the King David Lodge No. 5719 the Petition was duly signed and presented to the Grand Secretary. This was granted and a Warrant issued which enabled the Star of David Lodge No. 7606 to be consecrated on Monday 5th January 1959 at Freemasons Hall in the presence of many distinguished brethren and W.Bro. Israel Mark Lewis was elected First Master.

The regular meetings of the Lodge were held at the Horse Shoe Hotel, Tottenham Court Road, W.1. where the dining charge was 18/- per head and the first meeting took place on Monday 16th February 1959.

A Banner was presented to the Lodge by W.Bro. Arthur Diamond .L.G.R., Bro. Maurice Hyams and Bro. Woolfe Bednash and was dedicated by W.Bro. F.J. Dove P.A.G. Chaplain on Monday 16th February 1960.

A Star of David school of Instruction was formed at an early date under the preceptorship of Bro. Dr. Philip Kaplin and met every week at a central address and this was subsequently authorised to be a Lodge of Instruction.

When an approved temple was built at the Grosvenor Rooms, Walm Lane, N.W.2., it was generally agreed to hold our future regular Lodge meetings in this new venue and our first meeting in the Executive Suite was held on Monday 14th May 1973.

Since then the Lodge has moved to various locations including the Clerkenwell centre, Nan’s Pantry in Ilford, the Mansfield Bowling Club in Highgate,  a brief sojourn at Freemasons Hall, the Royal National Hotel before settling on our current location of Chingford Masonic Centre in 2021.

We continue to have a regular Lodge of Instruction meetings on most Monday evenings at the South West Essex Settlement and Reform Synagogue (SWESRS) in Oaks Lane, Ilford.

An updated version of the Lodge history was published for our special meeting on Monday 4th November 2019 to mark our 60th Anniversary.  If you would like a copy of this please contact our secretary via the ‘Contact Us’ page.


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